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Are We Going to have an ANTI-War Movement in the US?


by Debra Sweet
I was at the United for Peace & Justice National Assembly this weekend.  I met some of you there who read this list; and others who were not familiar with World Can't Wait.
I worked with others -- mostly peace coalitions from the middle of the country, not in the larger cities -- to get UFPJ to support a united anti-war march in Washington DC on the sixth anniversary of the war, Saturday March 21.  By 111-49, that proposal was defeated, in favor of what UFPJ's program "Yes We Can...End the War" for a Saturday, April 4 march on Wall Street, focusing on the recession.
Not to directly challenge Obama's escalation of the war in Afghanistan is shameful.  On the anniversary of "Shock & Awe," and under a new president, the anti-war movement needs to be in Washington.  And many of us WILL be there. 


The Nature of Capital and Bob Herbert’s “Stop Being Stupid”


By Dennis Loo
Today's NYT's has Herbert's latest OpEd, "Stop Being Stupid," in which he points out how extraordinarily stupid the idea - originating with the free market fundamentalists, who Ronald Reagan was drawing his theoretical orientation from - is "that you could radically cut taxes and still maintain critical government services — and fight two wars to boot!"
Herbert scores many good points, but fails to really nail down the source of these stupidities and what it would take to turn the corner on it. He does correctly name some names, such as Alan Greenspan, Rob Rubin and Larry Summers, but not their ideological foundations.
An excerpt, followed by one reader’s letter and my commentary:



On Krugman on the GOP

By Dennis Loo

Paul Krugman's newest essay at the New York Times, "Bigger Than Bush," skewers the GOP for its racist backlash strategy, aka the "Southern Strategy." He, as usual, makes a great deal of sense, but he also has not gone far enough and is bound by the limitations of vision within this two-party system.
Here are the first few lines of his Op-Ed, followed by my commentary:
"As the new Democratic majority prepares to take power, Republicans have become, as Phil Gramm might put it, a party of whiners.
"Some of the whining almost defies belief. Did Alberto Gonzales, the former attorney general, really say, 'I consider myself a casualty, one of the many casualties of the war on terror'? Did Rush Limbaugh really suggest that the financial crisis was the result of a conspiracy, masterminded by that evil genius Chuck Schumer?


Report From D.C.: Intense Engagement With Thousands

by Debra Sweet

World Can't Wait activists were on the streets of Washington Sunday through Thursday of this inaugural week, in a cold, somewhat exhausting, and intense engagement with thousands of people. I met people on the World Can’t Wait elist there, and many new people who care about humanity. Our group -- ages 20+ through 60+ got into the fray, and suffice it to say, we will be remembered as people think about what we challenged them with.

We had two large orange banners:

"STOP OCCUPATIONS & TORTURE FOR EMPIRE!" and "PROSECUTE BUSH WAR CRIMES NOW!" Along with the ARREST BUSH signs, these were hugely popular, and it would have been simple to leave it at that. But we went into the inaugural crowds, and among the antiwar movement, with a challenge to think critically about where Barack Obama is leading, and face up to that reality. Quite a few people didn't want to hear it; some did, and many of you who did have been added to our elist. Welcome.


The Water Line: Morality, the Rule of Law, and Leadership

By Dennis Loo

Part one of a three part series
“The water line is rising and all we do is stand there.
The water line is rising and all we do is stand there.
The water line is rising and all we do is stand there.”

-- Sage Francis, The Water Line
When one considers Bush and Cheney’s presidency, the question almost invariably comes up: “Who is to blame for this colossal debacle?” How could Bush and Cheney have been permitted to take office in the first place and remain in office, escaping prosecution and removal through impeachment, when they were repeatedly caught red-handed engaging in acts far in excess of abuse of office: openly flouting the law, pervasive and persistent lies, torture, committing the supreme war crime by invading a country that had not attacked us, treason, feloniously spying on all Americans, uber malfeasance, criminal negligence in the face of Katrina and global warming, and corruption on a staggering scale, with this list only a part of their long, sordid tale?
Most people’s answer to this is: “It’s the American people’s fault.” Americans (apologies to the other Americans of South and Central America) are apathetic or secretly wanted what Bush and Cheney carried out or are just plain ignorant, selfish, materialistic and lazy.


It’s Not OK!

By Elaine Brower

As I sit here tonight listening to the crap about extending troop withdrawal 19 months, instead of 16 months, and keeping 50,000 troops in Iraq as so called “advisers” or “trainers” or whatever they want to nickname them, I am outraged!  I expected this, but did you?
Two BoysThis is wrong.  The occupation is wrong, and those of us in the anti-war movement have been screaming this at the top of our lungs for the last 6 years, even before the first boots were on the ground in Iraq.  Even before the campaign of “shock and awe” even lit up the skies above innocent people.  What the hell are we thinking? 
Because it isn’t Bush and Cheney, those loathsome characters we so love to hate that isn’t doing this, it’s Ok?  That because it isn’t Don Rumsfeld, that warmongering war criminal of a pig, it’s Ok?  Because the face of the occupation is now Barack Obama it’s Ok? 


The Water Line: Morality, the Rule of Law, and Leadership II

By Dennis Loo
Part two of a three-part series
Doing What Must be Done
No mass sentiment, no matter how widespread and strongly felt, can find concrete and effective expression unless it is organized, focused and led. People who blame the American people for their apathy and conclude that the public is principally (or wholly) at fault for Bush and Cheney’s reign and our current crises fail to recognize that all societies (and any group of any kind) need leadership.
The adage, “If the people lead, the leaders will follow” misses a critical fact. For the people to lead, that is, for the unusual circumstance to occur of the public by-passing the existing leaders and forcing the existing leaders to abide by the public’s wishes, leaders from among the public’s ranks must step forward as new and substitute leaders leading the rest of the people. To expect otherwise would be like asking an arrow whose point has been broken off to stick to a target.


The Water Line: Morality, the Rule of Law, and Leadership III


By Dennis Loo
Part 3 of a three-part series
On What Foundation?
Obama has ridden a great wave of hope and expectation into office fueled by a desire by millions to see a radical departure from what Bush and Cheney have been, done and represent. What Bush and Cheney did and personify has been so extreme that most people can see with their own eyes, despite the mass media’s misrepresentations and distortions, that their reign was a disaster. The joy accompanying Obama’s victory has, therefore, perhaps no U.S. electoral precedent. But one finds when one examines more closely what he has said and what he has done, a very different tale than what most people have seen and understood up till now.
Before becoming president, Obama as a Senator co-operated with the Bush regime’s policies. In some instances he voted against Republican/White House sponsored bills, but in no instance did he filibuster them – which would have been meaningful opposition. Speeches by public officials are cheap. Actions are precious. When the Military Commissions Act of 2006 – a bill that legalized torture and indefinite detention, something more brazen than the Nazis ever attempted – Obama should have, but refused to filibuster it. Even the New York Times said, “If you’re going to filibuster anything, filibuster this.”


Covering up NSA Spying: Obama Continues Bush Regime Policies

By Kenneth J. Theisen
On February 25th, Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ) again went to bat in court on behalf of the police state begun under the Bush regime, by arguing in favor of the legality of the telecom immunity provisions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) bill passed by Congress last summer. Under the amended FISA law, courts are required to dismiss a wiretapping suit against a telecommunications company if the Attorney General (AG) explains the firm's role in a confidential statement presented to the court. In the statement, the AG would affirm that the firm either had no role in the wiretapping or that it participated based on assurances that the executive branch had approved the eavesdropping to protect the nation from terrorism.
The latest legal position taken by DOJ should surprise no one since Obama, when he was still a senator, voted for the legislation strengthening the unconstitutional FISA. Obama’s DOJ also went to court previously this month defending other lawsuits, arguing that the federal government was entitled to keep its dirty “state secrets” in the interests of “national security.”


Into the Black: Torture and Real People

By Jill McLaughlin
Out of the blue and into the black
They give you this, but you pay for that
And once you're gone, you can never come back
When you're out of the blue and into the black
- Neil Young, Out of the Blue
This past Monday, February 23, the man whose case has extensively been written about the last few weeks was freed from Guantanamo. He was returned to Britain after almost seven long years of the most harrowing experience that neither you nor I could ever dream of, or make up for that matter. And according to this man, in a statement made through his lawyers upon his return to Britain, he himself could have never dreamt this until he was taken out of the blue in Pakistan.
This man, Binyam Mohammed, is known as one of the detainees behind the infamous lawsuit against Jeppesen Dataplan. Jeppesen is a subsidiary of Boeing that has used its planes in extraordinary rendition of alleged terrorists to other countries. In Binyam’s case he was first taken to Morocco where he was tortured and then taken to Guantanamo where he was again tortured and detained until his release this past Monday. In a recent ruling in California the case against Jeppesen was stalled again as it was in 2008 when the Bush Regime claimed that the evidence against Jeppesen could not be revealed because they were "state secrets." In this latest round the Justice Department under Obama claimed the same thing.
But I do not want to talk long about the details of lawsuits or rulings around rendition, detention, and torture. I want to talk about you, me, and people like Binyam. As I read Binyam’s statement this last Monday I let myself feel that feeling that I have felt at times during my last two years of activism and organizing.


Empathy for the Devil: Obama and Bush

by Dennis Loo
Rachel Maddow on MSNBC on February 26 interviewed Jane Mayer, New Yorker columnist and author of The Dark Side, a book about Bush and Cheney’s torture policies. Maddow asked Mayer how we can prevent any other presidents from suspending Constitutional rights by simply declaring, on his or her say so alone, someone an “enemy combatant,” allowing the government to then hold someone indefinitely, stripped of any rights, and subject them to torture.
A very appropriate question for Maddow to ask. Mayer, unfortunately, didn’t say what needs to be said: You prevent this from happening in the future by prosecuting those who did it in the past. Otherwise, it will happen again, as surely as the sky is blue.
Instead of saying this, Mayer said that Obama’s going to put something on the public record decrying it. But decrying something and saying that it’s wrong and that “America doesn’t torture” over and over again doesn’t mean diddly unless you back it up by actual prosecutions.



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