War! Torture! Katrina! Theocracy! Thursday, October 5 –
Bring This to a Halt!

View this ad from the New York Times 8-30-2006

9-1-06 on Counterpunch.org

"So, taking the lead in full page advertisements in The New York Times is a new group by the name of The World Can't Wait. They are not waiting for Congress to impeach Bush. They want a mass mobilization to make Bush/Cheney resign. Richard Nixon resigned and Vice President, Spiro Agnew, resigned for causes far less momentous than the crimes of these stubborn recidivists in control of our federal government." - Ralph Nader

Ray McGovern interviewed by Peter Werbe on Air America about October 5 and the movement to drive out the Bush Regime.

Thursday, September 7: Nationwide Organizing Meetings 7pm

In every city where the movement to Drive Out the Bush Regime exists, and places were it doesn’t yet, people will gather simultaneously at 7pm on Thursday September 7 to get organized. Learn more about making October 5 a giant step toward driving the Bush Regime from office, and meet others who are ready to organize for a day of mass protest exactly 4 weeks later.

Then, on Thursday October 5, in those cities, and more, people will make a huge political statement that cannot be ignored by massing in large numbers to say: "Bring This to a Halt! The World Can't Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime!"

Speakers at the September 7 Meetings include:

(NY) Anurhada Baghwati
(NY) Father Luis Barrios
(Chicago) Timuel Black
(DC) William Blum
(Chicago) Bob Bossie
(San Francisco) Larry Brinkin
(LA) Rev. Richard "Meri Ka Ra" Byrd
(NY) Elaine Brower

(NY) Kathleen Chalfant
(San Francisco) Chris Daly
(L.A.) Jesse Diaz Jr.
(San Francisco) Daniel Ellsberg
(NY) Esther Kaplan
(NY) Mark Crispin Miller
(NY) Chris Owens
(DC) Malik Rahim
(NY) Jean Rohe
(Seattle) Judith Shattuck
(Chicago) Jed Stone
(San Francisco) Debra Sweet
(NY) Jonathan Tasini
(NY) Sunsara Taylor
(Chicago) Rev. Charles Tigard
(Seattle) Bob Watada
(DC) Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr.
(DC) Kevin Zeese

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Fresno, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Palm Springs, CA
Poway, CA
San Diego, CA
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Arvada, CO
New Haven, CT
Washington, DC
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Gainsville, FL
Atlanta, GA
Honolulu, HI
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Indianapolis, IN
Boston, MA
Portland, ME
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Kalamazoo, MI
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Cleveland, OH
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Norman, OK
Eugene, OR
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Portland, OR
Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Johnson City, TN
Houston, TX
Salt Lake City, UT
Chesterfield, VA
Virginia Beach, VA
Olympia, WA
Seattle, WA


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