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Why the Democrats Are Acting This Way

by Dennis Loo

Many people say they wish the Democrats would "grow a spine" and "show some courage." They also say things like: "Don't the Democrats realize that they're throwing away the chance to stand with the majority of Americans? Don't they know that failing to do so is going to hurt them?" There are, of course, other variants on these themes, with some people saying: "Throw out the lot of them. Elect some people who will do the will of the people." All of these responses, while understandable, miss the point.

The Democrats HAVE been showing a REMARKABLE amount of spine - it's just that they are directing their strong backs AGAINST the will of the people.

Think about this: their approval ratings are even lower than those for Bush and Cheney (or at least Bush!) because they aren't doing what people elected them to do in the 2006 election. Yet they won't end the Iraq war, won't stand up against Bush and Cheney's plans to attack iran, and insist that impeachment is "off the table."

They know that a large majority of Americans want Bush and Cheney gone.

They know that they are shamelessly and transparently lying when they say that they haven't seen any impeachable offenses.

They know that they are violating the Constitution and international law through the bills they've passed (e.g., the Military Commissions Act and the John Warner Defense Authorization Act) and by allowing Bush's hundreds of signing statements and executive orders that violate their acts and the law.

They know that their failing to act according to the law, Constitution and the will of the people runs a huge risk that they will be punished by the people.

They know that if they were to impeach and were to hold hearings in the course of impeachment that this White House's crimes would come spilling out like an avalanche and that this would bury the GOP for a generation and the Democrats would thereby earn the gratitude of the vast majority of the people.

YET they are determined NOT to do these exceedingly popular things. They are showing tremendous fortitude in resisting doing the right thing and resisting the American people.


It's quite simple. They don't represent the people. The US is the biggest, strongest imperialist power to ever exist on this earth. Why would you expect that the two major political parties in the most powerful empire to ever exist would be ANYTHING ELSE but fundamentally representatives of the most wealthy elements and fundamentally representatives of the extraordinary power and wealth concentrated in a small number of transnational corporations?

What kind of leaders of corporations that make BILLIONS in QUARTERLY profits would you be if you allowed "the people," poor and rich alike, to have one vote each? Would you turn over your power and wealth to "the people?" You'd be crazy to do so. You'd make sure the system worked in your interest. You'd make sure that elections turned out the way you wanted them to and that the people who get elected do what you want them to do.

Someone made a button once that I really like. It went something like this, "If elections meant anything they'd make them illegal."

The truth is that elections don't decide public policy. Democrats and Republicans are part of the same system. They have more in common with each than what distinguishes them. Even independents and third parties, should their people get elected, have to operate in the same structure. The only way that we can take on and defeat Bush and Cheney and everything they stand for and the whole direction that they are leading us down (and the Democrats are cooperating and colluding in) is through the people's mass, independent actions in our millions.

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